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     You should understand and have control over your data solution. You may not have the expertise to develop it, but it should meet your needs and be easy to use. If it is truly a solution, it should be flexible so that it can be adapted to new requirements. A comprehensive data solution will be used by people within your organization who have very different perspectives and learning styles; hence, a data solution should be easy to learn but comprehensive enough to meet a variety of needs. Although a new solution may broaden your horizons and create more powerful ways to get things done, it should not dictate how you work — it should be adapted to how you work. We believe in customizing the data solutions we build to the ways you want to use them.

     You cannot be in control of your data solution if you do not understand it. Development of a data solution and training must go hand in hand. There will also be times when you need to extend its breadth without outsourcing and waiting. If you need a new report produced and it only involves creating a new layout, you are better off if someone in-house can quickly add such a feature. Training is vital and a flexible solution makes you more productive. We have chosen FileMaker® Pro because we have found it to be a fast developing tool, flexible, dependable, and easy to learn. And you should choose us because of our experience as teachers and because we have been using FileMaker® for over twenty five years!

     The useful life of a software solution is a direct relationship to the number of people who understand it and how well it has been documented. Future employees can build upon a foundation they can understand. Otherwise, future developers are likely to start over with their own solution and a cycle of obsolescence will prevail. This can be avoided with collaborative co-development which involves managers and users every step of the way. We document the features we build into your solution so that they are clear to users today and easy for a developer to extend tomorrow. A huge benefit of this approach from your point of view is less dependence on us as developers — if you wish to extend the solution yourself, we can enable you to do so; if another developer takes over, they have the information they need to pick up where we left off. Of course, we hope to be in the position to be called upon again, but we know it adds value to our solution if we have empowered you with that choice.

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