We develop custom solutions = software written to serve your needs. Then we help you implement it.

Solution Development
      Free Initial Consultation
      Needs Assessment - determine what a data management solution should do for you
      Strategic Planning - prioritize your needs & formulate a series of developmental stages
      Foundation Development - we create the relational structure for your db
      Co-development options - we train you to edit & create layouts to give you control over reports
                                          - you may also wish to learn to add scripts & interface features
                                              (your resources determine your level of involvement)
                                          - we complete the intricate areas of development
      Testing & Evaluating - you participate in testing new features to insure an effective result
      Training - we train your users onsite for data entry, analysis, reporting, & management
      Assessment - determine how well the needs have been met & identify new requirements

Customize What You Have
      Free Initial Evaluation of Your Current Solution
      Adaptation to Current Needs

FileMaker® Server Set-up (for in-house deployment)
      assistance setting up your server with FileMaker Server software
      or FileMaker® Server Advanced software

FileMaker® Server Advanced Hosting (we serve the solution for you)
      We can host your solution on third party fast, reliable fileservers so that
      your users can connect with FileMaker® Pro directly to your FileMaker® solution
      or with their web browsers.


or snail mail to:
      All About Data Access Inc.
      81 Grouse Lane
      Perkinsville, VT 05151